3rd Edition | Puerto Rico

Fairmont El San Juan Hotel
San Juan, Puerto Rico
December 9th, 2022


Who We Are

Limitless Crypto is the premier cryptocurrency conference for the crypto elite, world leaders, innovators, influencers, investors, funds, and market makers. This private event will focus on Bitcoin, Defi, NFTs, the Metaverse, Blockchain, and Decentralized apps. This event is not for the faint of heart or those new to the space, so if you are new to the crypto world or are simply not ready to make a large financial or serious commitment, this may not be the event for you. Limitless will provide you with the opportunity to network and rub shoulders with the best and the brightest minds in the industry. We provide individuals and projects the chance to meet their goals such as building their Brand Awareness, Funding and Investments, Community Building, Lead-Gen, Education, Networking and Strategic Partnerships.

Limitless Crypto Events are not your everyday crypto conferences. This event is a gathering of the most important and influential people in the blockchain space. We create experiences that are second to non that ultimately build relationships that last a lifetime.

Expected Attendance: 500 People
Dress Attire: White Party

Address: Fairmont El San Juan Hotel
6063 Av. Isla Verde, Carolina, 00979, Puerto Rico

Event Organizers

Limitless Crypto 3rd Edition: San Juan, Puerto Rico

Pedro Rivera
Waterfall & Limitless Crypto
Pedro is the Co-Founder of Crypto Mondays San Juan, Puerto Rico & Dubai. He is a community builder, blockchain advocate, educator, adviser, and investor. He has been an early adopter and evangelist for blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, regularly speaking at the most important industry events around the world. As a host and MC, few match his level of energy and excitement.
Nehemia Kramer
Waterfall & Limitless Crypto
Nehemia is one of the most acknowledged and authoritative professionals in the blockchain industry. Kramer’s industry journey started at the dawn of the blockchain era in 2010. With his first BTC purchase in 2014. He was involved in IBM’s Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence groups and collaborated with the founders of Ethereum. Today he is an advisor to the Web 3 Foundation (Polkadot).

Event Speakers

We Are Thrilled to Welcome You Back
to Puerto Rico a La Isla del Encanto


10:00-10:05 Opening Remarks
Host: Pedro Rivera

10:05-10:15 Opening Entertainment

10:20-10:50 FTX Debacle
Chris Mack, David Namdar, Min Kim, Jason Stone, Ryan Lackey, & Mike Miglio
Moderator Pedro Rivera

10:55-11:25 How Do Digital Assets Play a Role on Global Macroeconomics?
Yaron Brook - Moderator: Sarah Clayton

11:30-11:50 Philosophy of Crypto
Luke Stokes - Moderator: Min Kim

11:55-12:15 Philcoin Presentation
Presenter: CEO & Founder - Jerry Lopez
Moderator: Pedro Rivera

12:20-12:50 Decentralized Identity in the Metaverse & Beyond
Brittany Keiser, Rouven Heck Crystal Rose and Luke Stokes
Moderator: Pedro Rivera

12:55-1:10 Si Dao Investing in Puerto Rico Presentation
Presenters: Sam Cassatt & Amanda Cassatt
Moderator: Brandi Veil

1:10-1:40 Lunch Break
1:35-1:45 Live  Entertainment

1:50-2:20 Bear Market Strategies for Investors & Founders Alike
Michael Terpin, David Namdar, Jerry Lopez, Sam Cassatt
Moderator: Min Kim

2:25-3:10 Is the industry where we thought it would be when we started?
Where do we see the industry going within the next 5-10 years?
Hannah Rosenberg, Brock Pierce, Sean King, Michael Terpin, David Namdar, Ryan Lackey
Moderator: Pedro Rivera

3:00-4:00 Coffee & Desserts
3:00-6:00 Open Bar

3:35-4:05 Bad Crypto Podcast
Travis Wright & Joel Comm
Moderator: Pedro Rivera

4:05-4:15 Live Entertainment

4:15-4:35 Kassia Presentation
Presenter:  CEO & Founder - Fernando Llavona
Moderator:  Masha Prusso

4:45-5:05 Bitcoin Lightning
Hannah Rosenberg - Moderator: Brandi Veil

5:05-5:25 Keynote on Decentralized Identity
Craig Sellers - Moderator: Pedro Rivera

5:25-5:30 Closing Remarks - Host: Pedro Rivera

5:30-5:40 Entertainment
5:15-7:00 Fire Dancer & DJ Outside


10:15-10:45 Philanthropy in Crypto: Bitcoin for the Greater Good
Brittany Kaiser, Jerry Lopez, Crystal Rose Pierce
Moderator: Brandi Veil

10:55-11:25 Is DeFi done?
Jason Stone, John Divine, Patrick Horseman, Josh Berger
Moderator: Pedro Rivera

11:35-12:05 Metaverse: How Do We Get to Mass Adoption?
Fernando LLavona, Min Kim, Amanda Cassatt, Ben Sigman
Moderator: Masha Prusso

12:15-12:45 Game-Fi
Geoff McCabe, Jerry Lopez, Brandi Veil, Joel Comm
Moderator: Sarah Clayton

1:10-1:40 Lunch

1:50-2:20 DAO's & Governance
Amanda Cassat, Luke Stokes, Brittany Keiser, Min Kim
Moderator:  Pedro Rivera

2:30-3:00 Ready Layer One
Neil Kapoor, Sergey Grybniak, Sam Cassatt, Kyle Armour
Moderator:  Masha Prusso

3:00-4:00 Coffee & Desserts
3:00-6:00 Open Bar

3:10-3:40 DeSci - How is Decentralized Science Going to Change Our World?
Matt McKibben, Tom Varney, Brock Pierce, Sean King
Moderator: Min Kim

4:05:4:25 Are NFT's Dead?
Jordan Fried, Jason Stone, Sher Van, Travis Wright
Moderator: Pedro Rivera

4:30-4:50 Risk Management via Options Market Presentation
Presenter:  John Divine - Moderator: Masha Prusso

5:10-5:20 Entertainment
5:15-7:00 Fire Dancer & DJ Outside

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